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The Dream Chaser Documentary (Lil Snupe)


 Executive Producer 

Denesha Ross


Rahim Handy

Michael Emokhor


Rahim Handy

Michael Emokhor


Micheal Emokhor

Assistant Camera 

Dominic Fondon


Micheal Emokhor

Unit Production Manager

Fatimah Jawad 


Clear Motion Films | Keyblack Films

Lil Snupe 4 Cornahz Foundation


Synopsis: Addarren Ross was on his way to stardom before having his life taken away from him 7 days after his 18th birthday. Lil Snupe was killed 2 months into his record deal with Meek Mills' record label Dream Chasers. That’s 8 months after first meeting Meek Mill. He was a rising star who came from a small town where the chances of being a rap star were next to none. He aspired to become a rapper and would not quit until he made his mark on the industry. His story of becoming signed was one full of dedication on a path that few would have taken. After reaching major heights into the music industry and being killed, he still inspires the entire community as well as the world. His friends and family share their thoughts on the slain child who was taken away abruptly from such a bright future. This is the story of The Dream Chaser.



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